A wonderful time

A totally relatable and approachable show. Great topics and subjects that can hit close to anyone’s life. Fun hosts and great production. If you need some extra shows to add to your listening list, then /absolutely/ consider adding A Walk Within to the shortlist!! ❤️

Anoop is on to something special...

I just reviewed “A Walk Within” on my podcast Just One Listen and instantly became a fan. Anoop’s ability to tell stories and paint a mental visual with editing and story telling is second to none. Happy to drop a 5-star and subscribe to this soothing, well put-together show. Thank you Anoop!!

Communication is key

What a unique and fantastic way to explore a concept we certainly all struggle to do effectively. “Communication” is a must listen episode and this is most certainly a show you need to add to your rotation.

A wholesome lesson!

We can all use a helpful and wholesome reminder or life lesson from time to time. This podcast delivers just that. Give a listen and you won’t be disappointed!

Great listen

A well researched and entertaining podcast. I listed to the episode on assumptions and loved this takeaway. “The things I assumed I knew turned out to be my misperception of reality…stay open to the possibility that our truth is not the only truth.”

Stories for the ages

I love to listen to this podcast when I just want to hear a story. It’s like an audio play that is so soothing. I love the stories and am a personal fan of folk tales so this really hits the spot when I need something to kick back relax and listen to the story tellers! Share, subscribe and listen you’ll have a great time!


This is a gem of a podcast, so happy I found this ! You should check it out, great vibe, great find you will definitely enjoy the podcast. Im already waiting for more episodes!!!


Such a great vibe. Well done. This podcast has major potential!

Great episode and life lesson

I am shocked how smartly and smoothly you tied in this story with life and overcoming your fears and facing them. I wasn’t sure when I was listening where you would go with this story and how it would be relevant but you did a great job with that. We all want to run away from our fears and don’t want to face them but the reality is like you mentioned, that if we face our fears we can then conquer them and achieve our goals. I am excited for your next episode and the other lessons I will learn. Thank you for a wonderful listening experience.