Life imitates art or art imitates life, irrespective of the side of the argument, there is no denying that both share a connection or parallel to each other. This argument is the main theme of the show where I revisit my life experiences through short stories to find newer meanings, gain new perspectives, to make the most of today and tomorrow. 

About the Host

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Anoop Tiwari


I am an Immigrant from India and live in Connecticut with my wife since 2012.

Having enjoyed a successful career in Finance-Technology as a Program Manager for more than 14 years, I wanted to make sense of my own life and varied experiences with a new perspective. The show’s name is the indicator of its reason of existence.

I had always found comfort and inspiration in stories and works of art in visual and audio medium and wanted to pursue some creative endeavors in this area. As I started to conceptualize this podcast and released few episodes, it became clear that this exploration of connection between art and life and the satisfaction of creation is so fulfilling and something I wanted to give my undivided attention to.

Starting August 1st,2021, this show is my full-time work. I am learning again while using the tools and skills at my disposal like program management, Agile methodology of product development like Sprint planning etc. to ensure I produce quality work, both content as well as production wise, which is worth the listener's time. Coming into a field with no prior experience in Audio, the positive reaction to the show is encouraging. I will continue to strive to do better. For example, I started dabbling into immersive sound design in “Intuition” and “Sense of Belonging” episodes.

Continuous improvement has been and will continue to be a way of life for me.